Decorating Your Home With Gift Wrap

2019-07-24 15:54:43 customized gift for Graduation

Gift wrap is not just for wrapping gifts. It is my go-to item when I want to add easy and affordable color around my house. When posting about lining my dresser drawers with gift wrap this week, I was reminded of the many posts I have written showing how easy decorating with gift wrap all through your home is.

With so many colorful and beautifully designed patternspillow cases vintage, a roll of it adds a lot of style to your decorating projects for only a few bucks.

personalised birthday gifts

5.?line a cabinet

6. shelf backdrop?

7.?tissue box

8. magazine files9. matchbook cover

10.?stacked boxes

11.?chandy shades

12.?basket lids

13.?monogram stool


15.?cover a table

16.?drawer pull update food labels

18.?wall art

19.?desk set

20.?drawer liner

That's 20 ideas. Can you think of other ways to decorate with gift wrap around your home?

Check out my Project Gallery for more affordable decorating ideas.



I used to bite my nails badly as a child, so even though it’s been nearly 10 years now that I’ve had long nails (well, that’s average-length to you non-biters), I simply must keep them painted and looking lovely so that I can show them off proudly, and make sure that I never regress. But this post isn’t about nail polish in its regular function…

Oftentimes, choosing a wedding cake feels like checking off yet another box on your wedding to-do list. (Bouquet? Check! Dress? Check! Cake? Check!) But, today, it doesn't have to be that way. Rather than ordering some traditional cake for ceremonial purposes, you now have the option to treat it as both a design element and a delicious menu item. So, basically, it's time to get creative!

“My look decided on me," says Tovah, the bride. After being disappointed by the custom gown she ordered, Tovah quickly picked a mermaid dress with lace appliqués in her favorite color, mint. She paired the glam gown with a pair of white ankle-strap heels that included their wedding date on the soles.