Fridge Art Gets Framed - In My Own Style

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If you are like me, then you are probably inspired by the many quotes and free printables that you see and pin on Pinterest that are frame-worthy. I even have a board filled with them on Pinterest. (You can follow it here.)

I don't have a lot of wall space around my house to frame and hang the quotes and printables so most of what I pin stays on my Pinterest board. I never end up doing anything with them' until now.

accent pillow case baby floor

I have been trying to come up with an easy, but decorative way to not only display some of my favorites, but to easily change them on a whim. I finally came up with an idea that is quite easy to do. I am calling it the 'Fridge Art Hanging Trick'

I bought a frame at Michaels in the clearance bin to hang on my refrigerator and tweaked it to meet my needs.

Now I can simply print the printables I like and change up the quote or art from time to time to keep me inspired.

From week to week, seasonally, your WIFI password, or for a special occasion ' changing the image is easy.

Optional: ?DIY chalk paint, paint brushpillow cases vintage, soft wax, 160 grit sandpaper, buffing cloth/old t-shirt

A frame with an easy-to-remove back will make changing your images fast and easy.

1. Paint two coats of DIY chalk paint on frame. Let first coat dry before applying the second.

2. Once throughly dry, run sandpaper over the finish and edges to distress. ?If you distress too much or don't like how a certain area looks on the frame, simply repaint the area, let dry, and distress again.?

3. Apply a thin coat of soft wax over frame and buff to a shine with a soft-lint free cloth. ?If you would like to know more details about making and painting with DIY chalk painting, you can find my post about it, here.?

4. Make sure the back of the frame is free of any dirt and oils. ?Clean if necessary and let dry. ?The magnetic tape won't stick to dirty surfaces. Unroll the tape and let it sit unrolled for a while so it lays flat. ?Once it is not curling, cut long sections to fit each side on the back of the frame. ?Peel off backing on tape and place on frame.

The ends of my tape kept curling up on my frame, so I used E6000 glue under the ends. I placed a few heavy objects (paint and wax cans I had on my worktable)?over the ends to hold them down while the glue dried.

5. The opening of my frame was 8' x 10'. Since the quotes and images I print are on standard 8 1/2' x 11' printer paper, I had to cut my printables down to size.

6. Once cut, I put it into the frame and stuck the frame onto the fridge door.

Now when I want to change the image or quote all I have to do is pull the frame from the door, lift off the back and make the switch. ?Super simple.

To save ink, I try to find printables with a white background, no reason to use up lots of ink.

I only hung one frame on my refrigerator door, but you can hang more than one and make a decorative art gallery of fridge art for the door.

If you have an ugly fridge, ?put a lot of the frames together like puzzle pieces on the door. ?No more ugly refrigerator, just color and inspiration.

When printing color images from a computer, depending on your printer and ink, just remember the colors might not render the same as they look on your computer screen.

The magnetic photo pocket above is?an even simpler way to hang art, inspirational quotes, and printables. It is not as decorative, but will allow you to hang art on your fridge neatly. ?I found this magnetic photo pocket at Michaels. ?They come in many sizes, this 8' x 10' is the largest size.

I have included .pdf's of the quotes I used in this post for you to download and print below. ?See all my free printables by clicking here ->; Free printables.

Download:?Be The Type Person Quote?| Gourmet Info?black background | Gourmet Info white background


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