Master Bath Shower Makeover

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When we were getting ready to put our suburban house on the market, our real estate agent told us to get the best price for our house we should update the shower in our master bath. We did it and it came out beautifully and was worth the expense since we sold the house in 10 days.

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I know, crazy, right?

But it was in our best interest to update the master bath shower so our home would be comparable to other homes like it that are for sale in the area when it goes on the market. I know it seems crazy to add something like this to a home since we won’;t get to enjoy it, but it will help the house sell quicker and for a better price.

Here is what the shower looked like BEFORE:

Remember when I stenciled the shower door?here?and removed the door to the bathroom since it covered the shower door. I replaced it with a barn style rolling door.

We initially planned to just replace the doorpillow cases vintage, but after talking to a real estate agent…;we went a little further with the makeover.

So I headed to the the new Floor &; Decor that recently opened in the Philadelphia area to find discounted tile that would make the shower feel like a spa.

When we vacationed in Mexico, the shower in our room had a pebbled tile floor that I loved. When I saw these flat mosaic pebbles I knew they would become part of the new shower.

I also had to find tile that would look good with the existing ceramic tile on the floor of the bathroom since that was staying.

We, and I say “;we”; since I did not DIY this makeover…;we hired a contractor to do it for us. The wet bed and plumbing involved were more than I felt comfortable doing myself. I have tiled walls and floors with no problems, but this was a bit too complex for my DIY skills.

Here is the AFTER

It came out better than I imagined and without the molded fiberglass shower insert taking up space, the stall is bigger and easier to move around in now.

With the pretty new tile, I now have to clean up the grout on the floor. ?You know how it goes…; you update one thing and then everything around it all of a sudden doesn’;t look so good. :-)

Tile I used:?

One of the reasons I like Floor &; Decor for tile is not only for the great discounted prices they have but that every piece of tile is sold individually so even if you open a box, you can still return what is left.

Floor –; Grey Flat Pebble Stone Mosaic. Walls –; 3 x 6 Tumbled Travertine Cote D’;Azur Brushed ?Transition?–; 3 x 12 Tumbled Stone Cote D’;Azur Brushed? Bullnose –; 3 x 12 Tumbled Travertine Cote D’;Azur Brushed?Grout –; Sanded 77 Frost

Here is what the wet bed looked like that had to be added to the floor after the previous molded fiberglass shower insert was removed.

We have only hired a contractor to do a project around the house once before, so we enjoyed getting to sit back and watch the gutting and then tiling process instead of doing the work ourselves.?

A marble shelf in the corner to hold bottles of shampoo and a shiny new faucet handle are the finishing touches. Nothing too expensive or fancy, but enough for a nice update for the shower.

My favorite part is the floor.?I just love the way the pebbles look and feel on my feet.

When using stone for a shower, it has to be sealed when installed and resealed again once a year.

It is simple to do with a ready-made sealer that you simply brush on. Tom, our contractor, mixed an additive into the grout that will help keep the grout uniform in color and seal it as well. ? He used?Grout Maximizer?and for the stone, Premium?Stone Sealer.

For now, we get to enjoy the new shower until we sell and physically move from the house.

I love the stone and how the upgrade makes not only the shower look, but the entire bathroom.

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This post is sponsored by Floor &; Decor. Thank you so much for supporting the sponsors that make In My Own Style possible. All content and opinions are my own. ??


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