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Good morning, my DIY friends.? Cutting Edge Stencils wants to know if you have ever despised a piece of carpeting in your home so much that you just had to rip it up?? If you’;ve had that “;can’;t stand to see this in my home”; feeling then today’;s post is going to resonate with you. Unfortunately when new flooring is not an option, painting the sub-floor or cement floor has become a cost efficient trend.? We understand your DIY predicament and we want you to consider using stencils to add a zippy twist to your painted floor.? Let’;s take a look at a stenciled cement floor that is jaw-dropping gorgeous!

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Meet Stacey, the super creative blogger behind Addison’;s Meadow Lane.? Stacey decided that she could not live with the carpet in her craft room for one more minute.? So in September she tore it up. Here is the shot of the floor in September:

It was a complete blank slate.? New flooring was out of the question so this DIYer had to be creative about the replacement.? Stacey took to Pinterest for ideas and decided to paint and stencil using the Ikat Zig Zag Stencil. ? Here is what it looks like now:

Ohh la la! This stenciled floor looks stunning and we bet most people would never guess that it was painted and stenciled. Let’;s talk about how she pulled off this fabulous DIY project.

Stacey pulled up the carpet in the room and then prepped the floor.? We’;re going to fast forward the stenciling portion but you can read all of the steps on her blog.? First she painted the floor using?Valspar’;s latex exterior/interior?floor paint from Lowes.? She let the floor dry for four days and she was ready to stencil.? Stacey chose our?Ikat Zig Zag Stencil accent pillow case baby burlap floor, a popular geometric pattern with a zippy twist.? She used blue painters tape to hold the stencil in place and then painted it using a dense foam roller.? She chose to paint the zippy stripe in Valspar’;s Granite Dust, a soothing gray hue.

After the stencil was dry, Stacey applied a top coat to protect her floor and make it easier to clean.? She used DRYLOK Waterproofer and sealer.? Are you ready to see more pictures of her stenciled masterpiece?? Hold those jaws, cause this stenciled floor is jaw-dropping gorgeous!

Stacey had this to say about her newly stenciled space, “;I absolutely love it.”;? We do too!

Before you rush off to stencil your own cement floor, we’;d love for you to enter the stencil giveaway hosted on Addison’;s Meadow Lane!

Tell us, would you attempt to stencil a floor in your home? Leave us a comment below, we’;d love to read your thoughts!

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