accent pillow case baby burlap floor Colour Combinations – Food For Thought- Part 4 – Tutti-Fruity! funny cushion covers

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One of the keys to successful interior designs is to choose colours which have meaning and purpose, rather than merely selecting a colour because you happen to like it. Of course liking the colours you use within your home is also a fundamental key, however you should choose your colour combinations which enhance the room you are decorating. In this mini series we are looking at colours which are inspired by food, however when you need an eclectic mix of colours tutti-fruity is a good way to describe them!

When choosing coloursaccent pillow case baby burlap floor, unless you are using deliberate colour clashing, the colours you select should be within the same tones or hues. Beautiful colours teamed together enables you to select from a broad spectrum of colours to help you achieve the desired effect. Having a quiet corner within your home for all essential R &; R (rest and relaxation) is becoming more desirable due to the hectic, modern lifestyles we live.

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These areas need to have colours which are restful to the eye to create the correct ambience which make your feel completely relaxed! If you have a feature window which lets in an abundance of natural light it makes common sense to make this a focal point within your home. Opt for tab top curtains in a lightweight sheer fabric to enrich the window without blocking out too much light. Windows which have coloured panels of stained glass create beautiful gentle lighting effects, as such either plain or patterned lightweight voile curtains are the perfect choice of window dressing.

Sweep the curtains open from the centre and hold in place with tassel or beaded tie backs. As the light changes throughout the day the light within the room will also change, casting beautiful shadows of different coloured light, bringing a natural warmth into your home. Keep the area clutter free so that the whole illusion is not spoilt.

A simple easy chair and small coffee table are all that is needed, maybe a footrest wouldn't go amiss in your quiet corner! If you don't have a specific area which is 'made' for a quiet corner, try and steal a little niche somewhere in the room you like the best within your home. This could be the lounge, bedroom or the kitchen. Keep the furnishings and window dressing simple, remember the 'less is more' unwritten rule.

Opt for neutral or pastel colours such as Cubik curtains with their pale cream base colour and small, yet very stylish blocks of gentle colours to make you and your quiet corner look restful and inviting! The great advantage of using ready made curtains UK is that you are able to coordinate the rest of the room effectively without having to spend a small fortune. Image: An Indian Summer

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Surprise, surprise! I'm back with another DIY tutorial. Our?September wedding is fast approaching, and I'm feeling the pressure to get my projects completed. With most of our other details already hashed out, I'm lucky to be able to devote my time to hand-making most of the wedding decor.

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