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2019-09-06 15:37:22 customized gift for Graduation

★WE HAVE A (randomly chosen) WINNER! ★

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It was just too hard to hear you all beg like that. Breaking my heart! How could I choose? So, I closed my eyes, scrolled through the comments and planted my finger on one: CUREGREED of Kingston-Upon-Thames, UK gets 'em!

She said: ";I would love these as though I had birthed them and cradle them in my arms as I slept. Alternatively, I'd simply wear them to the Royal Schoolof Needlework every day and show them off to my embroidery peers and cripple them with envy."; I kinda feel like I'm the one who won! These shoes are going on to march the halls of the Royal School of Needleworkaccent pillow case baby burlap floor, mom.

Everyone else? I'm truly sorry I don't have a pair for each and every one of you who weighed in with your stories, pleadings, poems and haikus. The outpouring of creative begging is impressive. Oh, the heartbreak of contests! If you are seriously bummed, look for a comment from me at the end of the thread and I'll have something for you there.

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Remember me telling you last week about being asked by Converse shoes to embroider / decorate sneakers for rock stars at SXSW in their red-velvet-corded (I'm not kidding) air-tight-you-can't-come-in-here-unless-you're-a-VIP-goody-room thing? Remember that? I was bummed that I couldn't invite you to come check it out. Soo...

★Since YOU are MY VIPs and Rock Stars, I set aside a pair I embellished that day to give away to YOU★

WHAT: One-uva kind Converse All Stars decked out in Sublime Stitching style. They are a men's 5 1/2 which makes them an 8 1/2 women (that's my size and I tried them on -they fit perfectly!). NOTE: These aren't actually embroidered (some I did were, just not this pair. I was experimenting). I instead drew embroidery stitches all over them (the other sides too) in colored, permanent marker. Kind of like this artwork I'm doing for this upcoming show.

HOW TO WIN: Submit a comment below (it will post after commenting is closed and a winner is chosen) telling me why you would love them and take care of them most, or...something extra creative. Keep it short though, nothing of epic proportions is necessary. Comments will be closed at 9am cst tomorrow (and I'll publish the comments and winner Friday afternoon). Remember: I want to hear that they'll be given a good, loving home! xo


p.s. Of course, you can always get your own pair of these blank to stitch and decorate (yes, you really can stitch on them). Look at all those colors! Think of them as a blank canvas, because...they are.

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