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Ten years after it was built, my kitchen still looked great EXCEPT for the counter tops. The speckled black-white-and-gray granite that seemed so right at the time looked dated, and its pattern was too busy to use as a surface for the food photography we did in my space. My friend Holton Rower, who is an amazing artist, designeraccent pillow case baby burlap floor, and gifted improvisor, said “;Why don’;t you make a top to fit over the one you have?…;Make a form out of plywood that will fit over the granite, ?and cover it with a soft-ish metal that can wrap around the form…;”;

I remembered the old burnished zinc bars and cafe tables I’;d seen in France, and thought that zinc’;s soft luster would be make a beautiful surface to photograph food on. So I looked up ZINC FABRICATORS in the Yellow Pages, and found a guy in Brooklyn who would make me what I wanted. All I had to do was send him a plan…;

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Sally Schneider

It’;s easy to draw up a plan IF you don’;t care about looking like a designer or mind rendering perspective like a kid. A plan just has to communicate essential information. I took the gist of Holton’;s idea and measured and figured and made my odd plan which I faxed to the zinc guy (we never met). A few weeks later, his delivery men arrived with the top which fitted snugly over the granite top of the island –; or perhaps better put: ?the old granite top fit INTO the new one, so it was completely engulfed and hidden.

The zinc IS a perfect surface for photography; it makes any food look good although you can’;t put food directly on it (zinc is somewhat reactive, like copper); you have to use cutting boards. And, on occasion, during a photo shoot or when we are working on a big project, my assistant and I carry the zinc top into the other room and make a work surface with a couple of saw horses; the island?with its original granite top is still totally usable.

Ellen Silverman

The lessons in this story are partly about collaboration –; how talking about a problem with someone else can lead to solutions –; and about the possibility for us all to make rough, imperfectly-drawn plans and then bring them into being.

(It’;s also a lesson about the enduring greatness of Business-to-Business Yellow Pages, where you can find the likes of a zinc fabricator. I hold onto my ancient paper copy from 2001 because I still find great resources there, although the zinc guy has disappeared.)

Happy Friday, my DIY pattern spotters!? We love playing our patterned version of iSpy because we love spotting all multiple patterns in one space.? “Can I mix patterns?”, is an age-old designing question and the answer, in most cases, is YES! Combining patterns brings excitement to a room.? Are you curious as to how you can make it work in your space?? Here are some simple rules to keep in mind:

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