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If you’;ve been a long time reader of this blog, then you may know that I love to sew, a lot. I also love fabric, a lot. Even though I love to sewaccent pillow case baby burlap floor, I know some of you guys don’;t love it as much as I do?but you still love fabric! So today I have for you a fun no-sew project, these DIY Fabric Luggage Tags. ?If you have a sewing machine handy you can add a few stitches to the project at the end, but that’;s totally up to you. If you?love to travel then you may also like this Free Printable Airplane Carry On Packing List.

I love to travel with my family. Last?summer we?visited the Netherlands and Norway. One of the “;travel tricks”; I picked up a long time ago was to always have a unique luggage tag on your bag. That way it’;s easy to spot on the luggage carousel. I realize nowadays that it’;s not “;rocket science”; and most people have a unique luggage tag (or ribbon) on their bag, but it’;s still a pretty great idea. ?So today I’;m going to show you how to make a very simple luggage tag with a clear window for a business card or other information card.

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Are you ready to make one?

You’;re going to need (contains affiliate links):

3 pieces of fabric each cut to 4″; x 6″; (fabric shown is Derby Style and Rotary Club)

2 pieces Heat N Bond Ultra cut to 4″; x 6″;

Clear?Vinyl, if you can’;t find this at the craft store you can also use a clear shower curtain liner, cut to 2 1/2″; x 4″;



Pinking Blade for Rotary Cutter

Cutting Mat &; Ruler

Fuse the Heat N Bond to the wrong side of one of your fabric pieces. If you’;ve never worked with it before make sure you read the instructions on the package.

Peel off the paper backing from the Heat N Bond, place another 4×;6 piece of fabric on top of the 1st piece of fabric so that the wrong sides of the fabric are facing. ?Press. You now have a piece of fabric that is double-sided. Set aside.

Apply the 2nd piece of Heat n Bond to the wrong side of the remaining 4×;6 fabric piece.

On the back of the fabric piece draw a box that is 2″; x 3 1/2″;. The box will be 1″; in from the side, and bottom edges and ?1 1/2″; from the top.

Cut out the box.

Peel off the backing from the heat n bond.

Clip the top two corners of the 4 x 6 fabric piece 1″; down and 1″; in from the sides.

Place the cut clear vinyl over the top of the opening on top of the heat n bond, centered in the opening.

Fold the cut portion of the 4×;6 piece over the top of the clear vinyl.

Place the un cut 4×;6 double-sided fabric piece on top of the cut fabric piece. Make sure that everything is lined up just right. You should have a “;sandwich”; of fabric pieces with the vinyl in the center.

Press on the FABRIC side to secure the heat n bond. Do NOT ever touch the iron to the clear vinyl it will melt!

Make sure that it’;s secure all the way around. If you need to press close to the vinyl place the paper that you peeled off of the heat n bond over the vinyl to protect it from the iron.

Using the pinking blade on your rotary cutter, trim off 1/8″; from all 4 sides of the luggage tag. This (and the heat n bond inside) will prevent the fabric from fraying.

To finish, set a grommet (follow the directions on the package) in the tag near the top and tie a ribbon through the hole!

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