accent pillow case baby burlap floor DIY Fabric Lunch Bag! customized gifts for mom

2020-03-05 17:09:18 customized gift for Graduation

A custom fabric lunch bag takes 20 minutes, is adorableaccent pillow case baby burlap floor, and you can make one to match any outfit. ?These are fantastic thoughtful gifts (or gift wrapping) too. ?And they cost virtually nothing –; you’;ll even save money (and trees) on paper bags.

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pillow case baby

2. Finish?the top edge by folding it over about 1/4″; and ironing:

Then?hemming in place with a straight stitch:

4.?On each side of your diamond shape measure 2 inches down from the point and draw a straight line with a washable marker. ?Make sure they are even otherwise your gusset will be wonky:

Yellow is an incredibly popular colour, both in nature and in interior design. One of the first things we think about that is yellow is the Sun, with its blazing radiance. It is also a very common sight in nature, both in flora and fauna. Using yellows when decorating a room, or entire home, is a great way to bring about this open and outdoor feeling of the sky above.

First of all…..don’t forget to meet me tomorrow at “Ladies’ Night Out” in Denver, CO at Deseret Book from 6-8 p.m.? I’ll be signing copies of my book No-Sew Love, so bring your own copy or purchase one there.? Also….Deseret is giving away a bunch of freebies and I’ll be a doing a few giveaways of my own (books, crafting supplies, etc).? Plus, you better believe I’ll have a few treats there, because, you know, SUGAR! So please come — I’d love to actually meet you in person!? (And I’ve been practicing my signature! ;) )

And maybe I have been embellishing a few other Tees to add to the wardrobe as well. Check back for more in the next few days…Would you like to make one of your own?Start with two shirts in the same color…….(wait for them to go on sale).Or buy enough knit fabric to make your shirt like the tutorial here. Then, begin cutting out 2 different sizes of circles out of the extra Tee. If you make it like mine, you’ll need 42 of the small circles (2 inches in diameter) and 18 large ones (3 inches in diameter).I used my Go! Cutter to cut out the circles, just like in the tutorial here.