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We have all heard the saying, “;A picture is worth a thousand words”;. Well, what if we could put those pictures and those words together? ?Today we are showing you a fun fast way to use the photos you have to create your own postcards!

The Crew embarked on a world-wide Postcard Exchange this month and we are?having so much fun seeing what they are creating with little bits and pieces as the postcards make their way around the world. ?Some are painted while others are stitched?and glued. ?No rules, they just have to be able to be sent in the mail and you?hope that all your goodies make their way from postman to postman. ?

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Postcards are a great way to share your photos and brighten someone’;s day. ?Watch as Marie Nicole uses her floral photos to create her postcards.??These postcards will work with any 4×;6 photos you have- landscapes and scenery, family portraits, vacation photographsaccent pillow case baby burlap floor, or anything else you wish. All you need is a sewing machine, fabric, photos, and a postcard.?

Here is a video that walks you?through the process with Marie Nicole.

Here are details and a few tips from Marie Nicole.

Floral Postcards?

Supplies Needed:

STEP 1?–;?I used CCB’;s 12×;12 sheet of postcards, so if you are using that go ahead and cut them apart. If you want to skip this step, CCB also has pre-cut postcards. Easy peasy!

To see a full selection of Canvas Corp Brands options in Postcards visit the shop.

STEP 2-?Cut your fabric pieces to just cover the front of your postcard. I like the look of some fabric hanging off the sides, but after talking to my postal worker I learned that it needs to be trimmed in order to be sent like a regular postcard. So make sure your edges do not overhang the postcard if you are sending it like a postcard. If you are sending it in an envelope like a card or hand delivering it, don’;t worry about it!

STEP 3-?Decide on the photos you want to use and print them out. Since the postcard itself is 4×;6, you will want to trim the edges of your photo in order to have some fabric peeking out from behind it. Make sure you take this into account when choosing your photos- you don’;t want to chop off the important part of your picture!

STEP 4-?Take your postcard and layer the fabric on top, and then the photo. Make sure your photo is the right side up! If you wish, you can add a little tape runner adhesive to your layers to hold them in place while you sew.

STEP 5-?Sew your layers together. I usually try to sew a straight border around the edges of my photo. You might have to help your photo move along through your sewing machine, so take your time and go slow.?That’;s it! It literally takes a few minutes and you can make as many as you wish.

What a fun way to send photos! Like Marie Nicole mentioned, you might want to talk to your postal worker before sending these out. They can give you some tips on how to ensure they safely get through the mail. Otherwise you can always pop it in an envelope to ensure its protection. These postcards would be a great option for sending out graduation photos, family portraits, or photos of your kids to their grandparents. The options are endless!

If you do end up making some of these photo postcards we’;d love to see them! You can always share them on our Facebook page, Instagram, or Pinterest. Use the hashtag #CCBPostcard. We will find you, and we WILL like you!?

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about?the Crew Postcard Exchange. We hope it will inspire you to join an exchange or start one?yourself. ?You will always?make someone smile when they open?the mailbox and see a handmade surprise.

Happy creating…;and mailing!!







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