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Good morning, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends!? Let’;s deck the halls (and the rest of your home) in festive cheer using our Holiday Stencil Collection to craft DIY decor.? We have some make-your-own Christmas decor ideas that will add a special touch to your home.? Come check it out…;

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We’;d like to welcome back Erin, the crafty queen behind Upside of Chaos.? Erin loves decorating her home with easy DIY projects for the Holidays. She commented, “;I love the Holidays! I love to decorate and spend time with my family and friends. With two little ones in the house we’;re starting to DIY a lot more stuff for around the house. ”;? So lets just say she had the perfect projects in mind when she saw our Holiday Stencil Collection.? After browsing the new collectionaccent pillow case baby burlap floor, she selected our Noel Script Craft Stencil and the Noel Paint-A-Pillow Kit.

DIY Noel Stenciled Accent Pillow

Erin had used a Paint-A-Pillow kit to make Fall inspired accent pillows.? She fell in love with the ease and quality of the product.? For Christmas, she chose to update her decor using the Noel Paint-A-Pillow Kit.? She selected a white pillow cover along with ruby red and emerald green fabric paint. Erin used her existing Paint-A-Pillow frame to secure her pillow cover and stencil in place.? Then she painted the festive pattern using a dense foam roller.? She painted the large letters in ruby red and the leafy accents in green.? To embellish her accent pillows, Erin added red tassels.? She commented, “;I absolutely adore this little pillow.”;

DIY Noel Script Stenciled Table Runner

Erin was certainly bitten by the stenciling bug because she kept on crafting after she completed her accent pillows. With the?Noel Script Craft Stencil in hand, Erin had decided to make a custom table runner.? She had recently made a new dining room table and her previous table runner was too short.? Erin purchased muslin fabric from her local fabric store.? She placed the fabric on a flat surface and secured the stencil on the end using painter’;s tape.? Then she painted the Christmas message in red and green using a dense foam roller.? She commented, “;I love how simple and beautiful the script looks with my big farmhouse table. It’;s the perfect view when coming into the dining room from the kitchen.”;

For more awesome DIY projects, please visit Erin’;s blog Upside of Chaos.

Tell us, which Noel stenciled project would you be more likely to recreate? We’;d love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

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Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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