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Good morning, my crafty friends.? Do you have any crafting projects planned for this weekend?? If the answer is no but I sure would like to then Cutting Edge Stencils has the ideal craft for you!? Paint-A-Pillow is an easy craft that allows you to create one of a kind accent pillows to coordinate with your home.? Simply choose your favorite pattern, the paint colors you love, and pillow accessories.? Today, we’;re going to take a look at not one, but TWO pillow projects featuring our Flock of Cranes Paint-A-Pillow and Leopard Skin Paint-A-Pillow.

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First upaccent pillow case baby burlap floor, we’;d like to introduce Natalie, the clever crafter behind the blog A Turtles Life For Me. Natalie’;s thirteen year old son has loved cardinals since he was three years old.? She explains the unique quirk that all started in preschool in detail on her blog.? Needless to say, this loving mama finds unusual ways to incorporate the red bird in her home decor to bring a smile to her teenage son’;s face.? She jumped at the chance to review Paint-A-Pillow and after browsing the site, chose her favorite design.? She said, “;When I saw this Flock of Cranes Paint-a-Pillow kit, I had to have it! Anything to get a 13 year old boy to smile and hug his mom, right?? Along with the kit, Natalie ordered white pillow covers and Jacquard fabric paint in black and ruby red. Once she had her kit, she was ready to start stenciling.? She used a dense foam roller to paint the bird pattern in black and the stencil brush to paint the single red bird. If you’re recreating this at home, be careful not to overload the brush or roller with paint.? Roll or brush off the excess paint onto a folded paper towel until the roller looks almost dry.? The key to stenciling is using as little paint as possible because too much paint will cause the design to bleed and smudge.? When the paint was dry, she placed her pillow inserts into the painted covers.? That’;s how Natalie created these fun yet stylish accent pillows.

Next we’;d like to introduce Kimbo, the creative genius behind the blog A Girl and a Glue Gun.? Kimbo loves DIY craft projects so she was thrilled to try Paint-A-Pillow.? She chose the?Leopard Skin Paint-A-Pillow kit with white covers and navy blue Jacquard fabric paint. After opening her pillow kit, Kimbo said, “;The kit is amazing!”; She used the dense foam roller to paint her leopard design in navy blue. Once her stenciled pillows were complete, Kimbo stepped back to admire them. She’;s in the process of making over her master bedroom and these are the perfect addition to her work in progress. Kimbo commented, ”; I’m so excited to get these done!”; Awe, we think they turned out fabulous. Oh and you know what else she mentioned, “;It would be a super fun craft night activity with the ladies!”;? We couldn’;t agree more! That’;s why we now offer a Pillow Party Package.

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Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!

Michelle and the Paint-A-Pillow Team

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