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I have this great IKEA Expedit bookcase in my Craft Room. ?I’;ve been using it to store fabric for a few years, but never really have?any rhyme or reason as to how I put fabric on it.

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photo from this post about my room

After taking Jeni’;s color class at the Sewing Summit in 2011accent pillow case baby burlap floor, I was convinced to reorganize it by color.

I took ALL of the fabric off of the bookcase and began folding it using my quilt ruler. It was a HUGE undertaking…; my arms were sore for days! ?You can see a tutorial here on how to do that. Using this method ?gives you even sized piles of fabric and makes for a much neater appearance.

It is so much better now!!! I was so hestiant to orgainze it by color —; after it was done I wondered why I hesitated so much. ?All of the fabric with a few exceptions (holidays, large feature prints) is now neatly stacked…;

Observation: ?I don’;t like purple…; I’;ve only got a few prints and they are mixed in with the pinks.. I really really like blue though (that one surprised me).

I have been squirreled away down in my basement for several days, opening up boxes, purging junk, and finding new homes for all my craft/sewing stuff.? I haven’t been able to find my interfacing for weeks, or my white felt, or ugggh… serger thread.? So, I finally forced myself to actually open up and clean out the 11 or so boxes that were just sitting in my craft room.? They had all been opened and I was able to find a few things as I needed them………but I’ve felt suffocated in my craft room since we moved into our new home (well, rental home), 3 months ago.

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