accent pillow case baby burlap floor How to use a beautiful mirror to brighten a dark room sofa pillow covers

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A beautiful mirror can make a dark room seem larger and lighter, create a sculptural statement and also offer the joy of seeing a cherished object or vista repeated

Scroll to see where to shop some of our favourite mirrors:

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Matahari mirror, $249, from Nood.


Oval-top iron grid mirror, $599, from French Country.


Village mirroraccent pillow case baby burlap floor, $395, from Me &; My Trend.


Vector mirror, $39.95, from Freedom.


Oval full length mirror, $429, from Citta.


Rising Sun mirror, $299, from Nood.


Living &; Co mirror and shelf, $29, from The Warehouse.


Adeline square wall art mirror, $99.90, from Bed Bath &; Beyond.


Flynn round mirror, from $399, from Shut The Front Door.


Segment mirror, $169, from Citta.


Regal mirror, $395, from French Country.


Vintage mirror, $299, from Perch Home.

Compiled by: Vanessa Nouwens.

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