accent pillow case baby burlap floor Makeshift Tables and Chairs to Seat a Crowd geometric cushion covers

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Kei Okano

If you’;re planning on hosting a crowd, now’;s the time to figure out what tables you’;ll serve everyone?on, and where the guests will sit…;

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Here’;s our best mostly?makeshift?ideas.

Ad hoc?seating options?includes our favorite bench made of chairs?designed by Kei Okano.?It requires a?wooden?plank, foundaccent pillow case baby burlap floor, unearthed from the garage, or bought at Home Depot. Magazines are perfect for getting your chairs the right height.

Kei Okano

The liberating rule of thumb: nothing needs to match…;neither tableclothes, nor napkins, nor dishes, nor CHAIRS…;Ask friends or neighbors to bring one.


Stacks of oversize art books morph into excellent stools. Magazines strapped-together with a belt work fine (no platform needed):

We keep a stack of Ikea’;s?bent plywood Frosta stool — a knockoff of the famous Alvar Aalto stool —on hand for impromptu parties.?For?plywood stools in a hurry, you can order them from Amazon fast and just?as cheap.

If you need a big table for everyone to sit at OR?similar-size, same height tables pushed together make for great huge dining table:

Sally Schneider

You’;ll find instructions here for making a REALLY long table out of two sheets of plywood end to end using smaller table as “;bases“;(saw horses would also work)…;

Sally Schneider

Cover it with several table cloths or Kraft paper and no one will ever know you’;ve completely rigged it…;

Sally Schneider

A friend?figured out a clever way to make a big round top to seat twelve or fourteen; it would fold out-of-site when not in use.

Tara Mann

As the resourceful Snoopy discovered, a ping-pong table makes a great dining table.(Video link here.)

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