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Last night we had a fried food party and by the end of it all I could think about was how excited I was to take a shower to wash off the smell of oil. But before that happened, Dan and I took a quick trip to the grocery store and the cold temperatures outside made me want a nice hot bath. So this post is bathtub and shower porn –; gorgeous free-standing tubs, subway tiles, showers with multipleaccent pillow case baby burlap floor, massive?shower heads? I’;m just excited about having a shower in our bathroom with one of those curved shower curtain rods –; a genius invention! No claustrophobic shower experiences. But dream bathroom wise, I’;m imagining multiple shower heads that basically encompass your body, womb-like, in steaming hot water. I’;m not a bubble bath person but I would love a big tub that I can soak in with?lavender?oil and sea salt. If there is anything that will get me ready for sleep it’;s a super hot salt bath that draws out all the toxins. It sounds so good. A long bath then rinse off in the shower before wrapping yourself in a clean warm robe and rushing quickly to the big comfy bed with clean sheets and a big down comforter.

This shower looks amazing. There’;s so much space and the spouts are high enough that it is like a soothing waterfall coming down on you. There are a lot of showers with ledges to sit against, or even windows you can open up, but how about a shower with a window seat? And look at the size of those windows! Good thing they have a monster stone wall out there…;

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I love the subtle contrasts in texture between all the white surfaces in this bathroom. Painted exposed brick, subway tiles, and a big white tub. But the best part of this bathroom is the light –; this is a bright space with big windows. It’;s actually Meg Ryan’;s bathroom and her?entire house?is full of gorgeous light.

This bathroom is a pretty combination of rustic and modern comfort. The wood windows are beautiful too. There’;s a lot of great light but there are shutters for when you want some privacy. It looks so comfortable. All you need is a really good book and you could stay in there for a long time.

Modern free-standing tub with a beautiful granite tile floor. I love that they have a side table with necessary items that doesn’;t look out of place. Plus, that tub is huge. You could easily fit two people in there and not feel squished, but I’;d just be happy to have a tub that I could lay in without having my feet poke out the end.

Not the fanciest designed shower but it does have a waterfall spout as well as a regular spout. ?Once again, there is a ton of light, courtesy of the windows in the shower and all the surrounding glass. The ledge is perfect for sitting, or a place for your necessary items and my favorite part is that the glass at the top pops open to let out steam.

With all this hub bub about the new website I nearly forgot to mention the new patterns! (There are new patterns.) So many of you anguish about how to line up your lettering all nice 'n neat...I thought an alphabet that looks like Fridge Magnets would relieve the pressure. In fact -these won't look right unless they're kinda all over the place and wonky. Supercute for personalizing kid stuff. I am seeing these along the hem of a little girl's dress, some personalized pillowcases, a demi towel that says "wash up"...Oh, here -I'll just make that for you and put it in the PDF...

Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue has partnered with Disney and Lucasfilm to create a high-end, handmade furniture collection inspired by the Star Wars franchise. The idea to bring deep space fantasy to your living room might sound novel, but the end results are both sleek and stylish.

As my children are getting older, it’s become increasingly important to my husband and I that we make it a point to help our kids understand how much they have to be thankful for in their lives. By creating our own thankful DIY Thanksgiving wall display, we?were?able to include them in the process and have a daily reminder to all of us about how blessed we truly are.