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My friend Sarah recently asked me to describe my interior design aesthetic so she could help pick out some pieces for my?apartment while we were antique shopping. I was?at a loss because Dan and I only have hand-me-down mismatched furniture. I explained to her that I felt that I needed a couch as a base to determine the type of style I want to go for in our apartment. To which she said, “;You really need to buy a new couch.”; And she’;s right.?We’;re kind of just living with the couch we have until we can afford exactly what we want. But we’;ve neither found what we want nor felt that we really need it. Well, that is until recently.

Our?couch is about 15 years old, the leather is cracked and ripped, and one of the legs is broken. Ohaccent pillow case baby burlap floor, and I hate the color. Yellowish tan ugly leather. So I’;d like to make it a priority to get a new couch. Or at least figure out exactly what we want. And you know what is my OG couch? A Chesterfield. I mean come on, these couches never go out of style. They’;re classic. Gorgeous. Add visual interest and texture to a space. And the fabric and color options are numerous and delightful. I just have to figure out what combination I want to go for and how much I’;m willing to spend because these can get pricy. You know what that means! Yep, it’;s inspiration time. Gotta start somewhere when figuring out your style, right? Honestly, I’;d take any and all of these.

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Step Inside an Eclectic Parisian Pad by LIZ LYNCH | Domaine –; This is one of my all time favorite rooms. That velvet Chesterfield sofa is perfection. So luxe and gorgeous in this eclectic space and the focal point of the room.

22 Tips to Make Your Tiny Living Room Feel Bigger | Brit Co –; I’;ve loved this room for a long time and still think it’;s amazing. From the parquet floor to the crown molding. The Chesterfield blends in with the room while still contrasting with all the white.

Green Chesterfield | The Aestate –; The vibrant green of the Chesterfield echoes the gorgeous outside greenery. It’;s exotic and eclectic and glamorous. And works so well with the black and gold details in the room.

Blue Velvet Chesterfield Sofa | Beautiful Homes –; A navy Chesterfield like this one is a great choice for those who love glam style. Think gold or antique gold, modern chandeliers, graphic art prints. It fits right in.

Color Crush –; Is Lavender The New Blush? | Emily Henderson –; This room looks so comfortable, and can even handle a massive romantic chandelier without being too dramatic. Lavender is a really beautiful choice for a linen or velvet Chesterfield, especially in a room with a lot of neutrals.

Living Room Redo with a New Leather Sofa | Thoughts From Alice –; Ok this particular Chesterfield and room situation feels like the most normal. It’;s casual, easy to replicate, and basically enhances what a regular couch could do for this room.

Touring Shavonda Gardner’s Eclectic Home | Glitter Guide –; Linen is a classic choice next to brown leather, but a bit more casual. Since it’;s so neutral, it’;s nice to bring in some color with throw pillows or even on the walls themselves like in this room here.

Sydney Home: Vicki Wood | The Design Files –; Love the rustic feel of this Chesterfield off the kitchen and how it ties in with the big kitchen table and neutral tiles. Definitely looks like a well-loved piece.

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