accent pillow case baby burlap floor Snow Globe Windows (Spencer Finch) Colorforms geometric cushion covers

2019-09-09 21:10:24 customized gift for Graduation

Johns Hopkins Medicine

We love?Johns Hopkins Hospital‘;s?inspired idea to commission artist Spencer Finch to transform a visitor’;s waiting room. Which he did by creating a feeling of being in a snow globe! And he used what seem like a simple approach, painting the “;frit pattern”; on windows that light would transform into a snow globe effect.

accent pillow case baby canvas outdoor

Johns Hopkins Medicine

We’;re thinking it could be done with paint, tape a la Tony Feheraccent pillow case baby burlap floor, or…;

…;We were reminded of the Colorforms we played with as kids, colorful geometric and abstract shapes that would stick to smooth surfaces. We looked up what they were made of:?sheet-thin, flexible die-cut vinyl pieces.

We’;re thinking shapes cut out or stamped out of paper thin sheets of vinyl might be just the perfect, impermanent material for making snow-globe windows.

Johns Hopkins Medicine

You can buy a a reissue of the Original Colorforms set here?(which could also look great on windows…;)

Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse were young military spouses when they met in Dahlonega, Georgia, just outside of Camp Merrill. An M.B.A. and a Master of Architecture, respectively, they hadn’t yet had time to develop careers, and found themselves frustrated by the lack of prospects. After many a discussion about the issue, Lisa recalls, “We thought, Let’s quit talking about it, and do something that’s mobile and flexible for military spouses.”

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