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Using the used is at the heart of every gypsy and up-cycling is definitely the skill to master. So…; what do you do with two?empty?fruit crates? Throw away? Nooo!!! Work your gypsy magic on them and, using products from all three of our brands, give them a second life as?a head-turning ?storage unit for your crafty supplies.

Our Crew member, Kerstin Peters’; love for the recycled and re-used shines through in this project. Look for yourself…;

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‘;Today, I have a new up-cycling project to shareaccent pillow case baby burlap floor, it’;s a storage box for all my Tattered Angels?Mists.?My last up-cycling project was a storage for washi tapes and now I was on search for a suitable box to put my mists in.?This box is at the same time a storage case, a home decoration project and an inspiration thing, because I added a little extra box for a pencil and notebook, where I note ideas and flashes of genius. ‘;Embrace Imperfection –; Old is the New’;, that’;s my crafting motto!I decided to use two old crake boxes –; that’;s where the name of the project came from: Two Become One!’; –; explains Kerstin.

Materials used:Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Chocolate Brown Tattered Angels Baseboard Mist?Lava 7 gypsies Architextures Paper Junk’;n 7 gypsies Architextures Paper Market Signs 7 gypsies Ordre Du Jour: 12×;12 paper Seize the Day Canvas Corp Heirloom collection: Brushes on Ivory Canvas corp Black &; Craft French Linen Stripe 2 Fruit crates Tim Holtz Vintage Portraits Americana Decor Creme Wax Brown Burlap leftovers 7gypsies Loops &; Hooks die –; gears black textured paper wood and decoupage glue

Tools:Scissors, pincer, Cuttlebug as cutting machine

One crate remains unchanged, while from the other one you only need one short and two long side pieces. Remove the brackets with a pincer?–; see above.

Glue the short piece (1) as an attachment on the upper side and the 2 long pieces (2 3) on the front side; it might be necessary to use a rasp so that the surfaces properly stick together. Tip: allow to dry overnight because the wood glue might require a longer drying time for a stable attachment.

Darken the wooden crate with brown wax; Kerstin added spray and splatters for a more time-worn effect.

Measure and cut paper for the background of the crate.

Cut out your chosen motive and glue it in, along with any other embellishments (burlap, old photo cut-outs, industrial stickers) on the front side and on the attachment on the top.

‘;For my little ‘;idea box’;, I used a small matchbox and a paper cutout, this paper is really great, because it looks like an original box handle, glue it on the front side.’; –; shares her tip Kerstin.

Add die-cut or chipboard gears, an old photo cut-out and a metal plate with an embossed saying.

The crate is finished and ready to home all?the mists. You could also use it as a display for your vintage or grungy projects.?

For more up-cycling ideas, visit Kerstin’;s blog?and Instagram.

Have a great day!

I’m sure you lovelies would like some style posts this week huh? I would too and had planned to finish two of the fall fashion collages along with a pinterest picks but with the wisdom teeth pain and pain medication, I’ve been pretty out of it (i.e. worthless). Other than going to work, I feel like my life has consisted of this routine: sleep, eat, take meds, repeat. It’s draining and anxiety inducing to have your life run by your medication schedule. While trying to fall asleep, I’ve been trying to calm myself and get me into a nice sleepy mood by envisioning my dream home.?Dan has even chimed in with some nice descriptions and it’s pretty cool that we have such similar taste. We both love traditional, cottage, country, Connecticut type styles. Our tastes seemed so?similar?I actually left him to pick some images on his own for this post… but then my meds wore off and I axed all his choices because I am evil.

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