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2019-09-15 20:42:51 customized gift for Graduation

We are back with another instalment of Lena Holmstrom’;s gypsy creations.

With Tattered Angels DIY paints, some skills and loads of imagination, Lena?turned old kitchen utensils into industrial table lamps.

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I think I am a little obsessed with making new lamps for our home. At least my hubby says I do…;?Maybe he’;s right. I loved working on this one. The hardest part was dismantling the grinder into pieces but after all the work…;?Voila: a Coffee Grinder Lamp! –; says Lena.

Lena used here:Tattered Angels DIY &; Paint:?Hazelaccent pillow case baby burlap floor, Saffron, Tan and Ebony Lamp holder Lamp

As you know, I love lamps and altered art. A while ago, I got an old meat grinder from a friend and, believe it or not, this is my second meat grinder lamp.This meat grinder was dark red so I had to paint it with black gesso. To give this lamp more steampunk feel, I added an extra metal wheel. You will have to bent a tapestry holder so that you can hang the lamp from it. The meat grinder is upside down so it can be used on any table.

What you will need:Old meat grinder Old metal wheel Trapetsy holder Lamp holder Black gesso screwdriver

How absolutely amazing are these gypsy projects!!! Lena is indeed our CCB Queen of Upcycling All Things Found!

Make sure you visit Lena on her blog and Instagram.

Enjoy your gypsy crafting!!!

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