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“;A?snowman is an anthropomorphic snow sculpture of a human. They are customarily built by children…;?in celebration of winter.”; –;Wikipedia

Anthony Giglio’s four-year-old son Marco spent last Sunday afternoon improvising his first snowman in Jersey City’s Overlook Park.

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Once he had rolled and stacked three giant snowballs, he hunted for natural scraps around the park to bring it to life. Here is the mysterious process of Marco shifting his original creation into one that more fully expressed his vision:

“;The first smile he fashioned was from the thickest stick, and he described it as a mustache covering a smile…

…;Then, as we searched for bigger branches for armsaccent pillow case baby burlap floor, he found this u-shaped branch and yelled: Daddy, this is the smile branch!

…After he swapped the ‘;stache for the smile, he said the mustache could be the corn-cob pipe. Also, we found a piece of coconut shell (no idea how THAT got into the park since there are no palm trees in Jersey City),? that he said was a beret.”;

…;a snow man with a beret!

A few days ago, when I took a walk down quiet street to view the new snow almost a foot deep on everything –; trees, fences, cars –; ?I was looking through the eyes of a lone adult at all that beauty. Marco reminded me of a whole other view: of the possibility for expression with this amazing free –; and fleeting –; art material that drops from the sky. I could easily have made a little sculpture right then and there…;

The next big snow, what are you gonna make?

Thanks Anthony!

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Let me paint a picture for you - leave winter behind, take a long sleep (don’t let the 14-hour flight phase you), and arrive on a sparkling clear Sydney summer dawn in time to have a coffee and wander down to the beach to watch the turquoise waves gently washing in and out. This is the time of year when winter-soaked and chilled Northerners dream of getting away. I know Mexico and Hawaii are closer, but can I tempt you with Australia??

Well, after Carlee from Ladybird Ln. guest blogged earlier this month, and showed us all a simple technique for cake transfers, I couldn’t resist. ?I had to try it out for myself. ?My husband has been asking for cake, and so I humored him with his favorite theme: Star Wars. :) ?(If you read here regularly, you probably know that Star Wars is a “thing” around here. ?I even have a Star Wars Pinterest Board that I add to when I find fun ideas!) ? So while this is by no means a pro decorating job, I’m quite pleased with it as a practice try!!