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This month on 5 Good Things we’;re thrilled to be joined by Danish fashion designer, interior stylist and DIYer extraordinaire, Lene Nissen. An expert in creating beautiful things, whether seasonal decorations or up-cycling flea market bargains, Lene shares her passion in her books, in magazines and newspaperspillow cases vintage, and on her blog? She loves to encourage people to have fun with different objects and materials, drawing on her background in fashion for ideas and inspiration on colours and textures.

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From building a teenage annexe to pimping your hammock, Lene has a world of advice on improving and playing with your existing space. She has a great eye for fresh, quirky and charming design, and we thought you’;d love to read more about what makes her tick. So, here are Lene’;s 5 Good Things –; items?she can’;t do without or that she treasures most:

In generel I prefer unique and handmade pieces where you can sense the person behind them. So right now I collect ceramics –; both new and vintage pieces. Handwoven textiles in natural fibres or recycled fibres are also high on my priority list right now.

Oh, that is a tough question! I would prefer to always wear a pretty dress, but often end up in jeans, because they’;re?so practical. As I used to work as a fashion designer, and have seen so many clothes, therefore I now focus on the long lasting pieces, and brands that have a strong ethical awareness. We have to be much more aware of the environment in the production of textiles. This is also why fashion on my lifestyle blog only is mentioned if the thoughts and values represented are meaningful.

I always try to travel light, so I only have hand luggage. That means all my toiletries come in small travel sizes and I limit my travel wardrobe to a minimum. Although I don’;t have one specific item I always bring, you can usually find me in a pair of sneakers because I like to walk around new places. That way you get to look into backyards and find the hidden places. I am a very curious person!

I love to cuddle up on a couch filled with pillows and blankets and a good book, knitting or drinking a cup of tea. That is pure wellness for me.

Everything inspires me! I mainly get inspiration from people I see on the street, art and colour combinations from old movies. But I find inspiration in everything. It can be the shape of a reflection or shadow, it can be the pattern that shows through the transparency of a petal. I find inspiration in every little detail I see on my way. It is all about being observant and letting the impressions guide you.

Thanks so much Lene! If you’;d like to find out more about Lene’;s tips for crafting?stunning Christmas ornaments and decorations from things you have around you, check out this?post??and?Instagram?. And for a quick kitchen makeover go here.

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Just because Christmas is over does not mean the time to create ornaments is over. Make a door hanger instead! Door hangers are versatile and can be used anywhere in a house. They are perfect with a little stamped “Do not disturbed” image for craft rooms or bedrooms.? The Mini Origins Wings are the perfect backdrop for a sweet little Tattered Angel Door Hanger. The wings are printed on a high quality super absorbent paper that works beautiful with paints and mists. For this project I used Glimmer Mist on them, but you could use paint too!

One of the best things about the holiday season is that everyone celebrates differently. In the city you may have a small tree nestled in the corner with colorful lights and popcorn garland. Up north, friends may cut fresh trees from their own backyards. Some Christmases are celebrated in perfectly manicured homes with tiny wreaths on every door, while others are greeted by fresh snow in a mountain cabin. Today, I’m sharing a special collection of ornaments and tree decor tips featuring the?Garden Shed collection. This collection is perfect for a cozy cabin look no matter where you are celebrating!

We love our modern whole house color scheme. We’ve been living with most of these colors for seven years now (and we haven’t repainted a single room – we love them that much). It’s high time I shared our favorite paint colors in one easy to reference place.