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It’;s 2017 and it’;s time for hygge to make way for ‘;lagom’;. Approximately translating to ‘;just enough’;, the latest Scandinavian lifestyle export is all about creating a harmonious balance of style, colour and everything else. More a lifestyle choice than a cosy feeling (not that we ever say no to that, beloved hygge), lagom is philosophy of living that eschews excess for a more content way of being.

The Scandi-influenced look you need this season, our Elements collection offers a quiet elegance alongside bright pops of colour for the perfect balance of function, comfort and interest.

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The Chair

The gently curved armspillow cases vintage, the elegant slope of the legs, and the rich russet colour of this comfortable statement armchair will make it a key piece in your living room or bedroom. So soft and beautiful, it might even avoid the impromptu clothes horse/coat rack fate that inevitably befalls most chairs.

Veronica Armchair from £399, shown in Sundance Rust?>;

The Print

You’;ll find our elegant Blomma print on bedding, curtains and cushions, and we like to think of it as a

perfect lagom-style balance of simplicity, calm and colour. Floral prints can sometimes be a little fussy, but you’;ll love the effect our Blomma print has in your bedroom, with a tranquil abstract floral pattern showing off the shades of the season against a gentle neutral backdrop. The ideal way to update your room with hardly any effort.

Elements Blomma Bed Linen Collection from £6 >; / Elements Blomma Blackout Eyelet Curtains from £55 >;

The Sideboard

No more, no less, is the lagom way.? It’;s not always possible to live the sleek, streamlined life, but it is possible to help it on its way, with choice furniture pieces that give minimalism and functionalism, presented beautifully.

Take this sideboard for example, with shelves and drawers into which you can discreetly slide your (inevitable) clutter when guests stop by. Our large Hansen sideboard subtly nods to the popular mid-century trend and is just right to display a few key decorative accessories.

Hansen Large Sideboard £449 >;

The Cushion

Technically it doesn’t have to be a cushion. It can be a rug or a piece of wall art, as long as it offers an abstract print in bright colours. All you need is that little touch of colour to invigorate a neutral living space, and take it from basic to elegantly simple. Like the lagom-ers out there say, just enough is the perfect amount.

Our distinctive Elements cushions are the easiest way to add some fun to the clean and largely neutral base of this style. As accent pieces they’;re simple to integrate, from a single statement piece for a hint of colour, or placing a few pieces around the room if you’;re feeling bold.

Alton Cushion £22?>; / Paint Stroke Cushion £25?>;

The Dinnerware

If you’;ve always thought your mealtimes were missing some modern art influence, you’;re in luck. Element’;s key AW17 colours, indigo, ochre and russet, feature prominently on a delectable ceramic dinnerware collection, which is the perfect way to brighten up your meals and give your go-to recipe a bit of a kick.

Elements Cooking &; Dining >;

For more lagom inspiration, take a look at our Elements collection >;

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