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“In the summertime when the weather is hotYou can stretch right up and touch the sky….When the weather is fineWe go fishing or go swimming in the seaWe’re always happyLife’s for Living, yeah, that’s our philosophy”…

These lyrics by Mungo Jerry, bring out the beauty of the summer season aptly. Yes, summers are the time to stretch up, work out, groove and fish around. It is also the perfect time to give your home a facelift. Bring flowery accentspillow cases vintage, splashy colours to play and give your home a feel of a tropical retreat. Moreover, summer is also the time to party, to entertain and be entertained. So, here are some summer decor trends and ideas that are perfect for impressing your friends and making your home, summer ready.

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1. Floral Prints: Florals are trending big this summer. So, if you have been yearning to bring those florals in your home dé;cor, then now is the time. From floral print curtain sets to cushions, you can easily add them in every room of your home and have a pop of nature. Refreshing and colourful, it is an easy way of infusing floral dé;cor. Look for sheer curtains with floral prints in a light hue. They can wonderfully spruce up the windows and improve the room ambience. During the day when the sun is shining bright, you can cover the windows with these beautiful sheer curtains and at dusk pull them back and indulge in a beautiful summer retreat.

2. Splash of Colours: Along with floral prints in pastel hues, try to add a splash of colours too. It will help you to achieve the look of a tropical abode. How about introducing them in the form of cushion covers? It is safe, it is the economic investment and if it doesn’t look nice you can change it with ease. So, in keeping with the existing room dé;cor, you can look for cushion covers in different colours and give an energizing look and feel to your home.

3. Summer Textures: Textures are also getting popular this year. So, along with prints and colours, try to bring summery textures to play in your home. Wrap those velvet and suede pieces and buy those cotton and linens to achieve a summer-friendly look. How about cotton designer bedding? They will instantly lighten up space and give a soothing feel. And if can get your hands on a floral, cotton bedspread like the one in the image, then you can summer ready your bedroom in a jiffy.

4. Seasonal Accents: Summer is the time when you need to change the accent pieces adorning your home. Like climbing plants are topping the charts, this year. In addition, terracotta, ceramics can also be the right choices in your summer home. So, look for such accent pieces and put them on wall shelves throughout the home. It is a quick and easy way of transforming the appearance of your home and can give a super chic look to your indoors.

5. Outdoor Lights: After working on the indoor dé;cor, bring some lights to play their magic in the outdoors. A string of lights is in vogue. But, for those corners in the patio garden torch can be a fine choice. They light up like a mashal and brighten up the complete outdoor space. You can put them scattered and have the whole patio illuminated and ready for those summer parties.

Incorporate these simple means and revamp your home to the flavours of the season. It will give a bright, airy and spacious feel to your home while making it party ready. Decorate the indoors and outdoors in keeping with these summer dé;cor trends to attain a cohesive look. If you want to buy the products mentioned above in the blog, then you can get it all from Deco Window. It is your one-stop shop for home furnishing products. You can view the range here and summer ready your home.

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