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We do love to be by the seaside... and if we can’t be, we love to bring a slice of beachside living home with us.

We asked leading interiors stylist Jason Grant to show us how to achieve the relaxed coastal feel at home.Think layers, textures and beautiful blues. ?

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I’m a big fan of easy, relaxed living.

Your home should be your own sanctuary. A place where you feel comfortable and restful. I love relaxed homes with heart and soul, rather than overly styled spaces. Layering textures and beautiful hues will create this feel. We spend a lot of our time sleeping so I believe in investing in beautiful quality bed linen. Textiles are something I can’t resist – they’re often something I splurge on and treat myself to!

Reilly makes for a neutralpillow cases vintage, sophisticated foundation to layer upon, which can be updated with accents of seasonal tones and textures.

The Reilly Collection has a classic, universal appeal. Crafted using the finest vintage washed chambray, it feels like sleeping in your favourite lived in t-shirt. I love how low maintenance and easy Reilly is; it looks best softly rumpled straight off the clothes line or out of the dryer. Reilly makes for a neutral, sophisticated foundation to layer upon, which can be updated with accents of seasonal tones and textures.

Pair the Reilly Collection in Atlantic with the classic nautical stripe in the Hopeton Sheet Collection to create the perfect neutral base on which to layer beautiful tones and textural elements. Then complete the look with throws and cushions in highlights of midnight and bright whites. My favourites are the Reilly European Pillow Shams in Chambray paired with the Allenby Throw and Cushion in Midnight and White, with the Dunes Cushion in Midnight.

I love sleeping in a bed with the bed linen and blankets piled on top. I like the weight and feel – cosy and snug on cooler nights. Sophia our Boston Terrier sneaks into our bed when we are asleep as she loves being close to us. She also loves our quilts and pillows!

The change of season is a great time to update your home with accessories and beautiful textiles. I love to accessorise my home in the cooler months by adding layers, texture and warmth. Crisp winter whites and dark warm midnights are a timeless, fresh way to create these levels of luxury. My top picks for adding layers of texture and warmth are the Montel Cushion, Dunes Cushion, and the Allenby Cushion and Throw in White or Midnight.

Your home should reflect your personality and lifestyle, and be an evolving work in progress which you are always editing, adding to and subtracting from, making it a beautiful space you love coming home to.

Jason x

This traditional girl scout/ boy scout craft got a remake this year thanks to the Etsy fabric labs. If you missed making one for someone you love this past year for the annual international meet-ups, you can still purchase the fabric here. You can also make one yourself by tracing teacup bottoms on scrap fabric. This is a great way to stretch those left-over odds and ends you may have laying around your sewing room. You will need: Fabric (Scraps Are Fine) Pen Scissors Thread Safety Pin Needle Optional (Teacup or small circle to trace on fabric)

When it comes to interior design, most of us think of over the top showroom style homes found in magazines and adverts. While we may all dream of having a million dollar show home, the sad reality is that with the current state of the global economy, most of us are lucky to even be able to afford to redecorate. Still, no matter what your budget, there are a number of different ways to bring new life in to your home with some simple neutral interior design ideas and tips.

I have been trying out the new punchwork feature in BERNINA Embroidery Software 7. So easy!?We have a lovely yarn store a few doors down from our shop with a wonderful selection of wool roving. A little goes a long way!