pillow cases vintage Colour Combinations – Food For Thought- Part 6 – Ice-cream Sundaes funny cushion covers

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Pretty pastel colours offer a bright and cheerful look to a room. Ice-cream sundaes may not be an apt way to describe these colour combinations, however as the shades of pink, creams and pretty floral fabrics blend together so beautifully they epitomise warm sunny days and ice-creams!

The use of double layering is shown at its bestpillow cases vintage, with the pink Roman blind providing a soft look to the top half of the window along with giving privacy when artificial lighting is used during the evenings. Natural fabrics in neutral colours coordinate effortlessly with any room style and décor. Adding floral fabrics on chairs and sofas add focal points along with bringing the whole room together to provide balance and stylish chic.

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If you choose a floral fabric either as ready made curtains UK or on furniture it gives you the opportunity to select any one or two of the colours within the pattern to be taken and used as the accent colours. This method of using colours which blend and coordinate is ideal for those who are not very good at colour selections! It may be cold and snowing in many parts of the UK, step into a home which has used these bright and cheerful colour combinations will lift the spirits and make you feel warm.

The double layering window dressing will also help to keep you warm and snug as the blinds and curtains when closed will provide effective insulation. This style of interior is also ideal for bedrooms where you can use patterned bedding sets and select an accent colour from it, enabling you to create a stylish interior. The colour combinations you use don't necessarily have to be pastels, the same principles can be applied on darker shades which will offer a completely look to your room which is more dramatic.

Remember that darker colours can make rooms appear smaller, whilst pastels cam give the illusion of larger rooms. Mix cheap blinds with curtains to create a focal point of your windows. Mix patterned blinds with plain curtains or vice-versa using accent colours carefully and deliberately as this will provide you with a stunning interior which looks as if it has a designer price tag on it! Experiment with colours and have fun! Mix and match patterns and plains, old with new to make your home uniquely yours!

Last week I shared with you guys a ?doll that I made for my sister’s little girl for Christmas, today I thought I’d share with you the dolls I made for her boys.

A wool water bottle insulator is easy to make with scraps of wool, a snap, a needle and thread.Wool is an excellent insulator and will help keep water cooler when ambient temperatures are warmer. Many countries supplied their troops with wool insulators for their canteens. It is still possible to find canteens and their wool insulators in military surplus stores.This tutorial will show how to hand sew a wool water bottle insulator that can be custom fit for any size water bottle.

I designed this tote in support to our local domestic violence shelter, Women Helping Women. Quite often when a victim of domestic violence flees her abuser, she literally leaves with nothing but her children and the clothes on her back. We have begun to donate basic necessities to these brave women that are taking a stand and taking back their lives. We felt that not only do they need our support with basics such as underwear and toiletries, but it would be nice for them to also have a tote to keep their belongings in.