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2020-03-06 01:38:40 customized gift for Graduation

When Jaime and I were at Quilt Market in Minneapolis, we saw these gorgeous Pom-Pom Hydrangeas on display at the Clover booth and quickly grabbed the DIY sheet. I knew they would be perfect for Clare’;s Buggie Birthday and they WERE, but they are also gorgeous and elegant enough to leave up in the house beyond any event. Or they would make a beautiful gift!Click here and scroll down to Pom-pom Hydrangeas to download the supply list/instructions and then come back to Prudent Baby for more step-by-step photos and my 2 cents! And if you were looking for an excuse to buy the super fun Clover Extra Large Pom-Pom Maker…; you’;re welcome.

Click here and get the scoop on Making Pom-Pom Hydrangeas.

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Supply list notes: I created three different flowers with three different fabrics. I tried one with solid red unwashed cotton, one with a combination of hot pink unwashed cotton and an accent of Anna Maria Horner Voilepillow cases vintage, and (as instructed) one with hand-dyed cotton fabric (polka-dots) that had been washed. The last one was my favorite. The variations in the fabric added alot of visual texture to the flower and I think washing the fabric gave it a better overall texture for this project.

You will want 1/2 yard (or a bit more) fabric for each pom-pom.

Also, you really do need a cutting mat and rotary cutter for this project…; and the Pom-Pom Maker, you need that too.

Cutting and Assembling Directions: Be sure to follow along with your PDF instructions from Clover

A. Cut fabric into long strands.

1. Fold fabric in half with selvages together

2. Bring the fold up to 1/2″; below the selvage edges.

3. Cut in 3/8″; segments through the fold, but not through the selvages.

4. Unfold once, cut the fabric apart between strip one and two starting from the left hand side ofthe top selvage edge.

5. Then cut between every other strip thereafter.

6. Return to the bottom selvage edge and starting from the left hand end, cut between every other strip (starting between strip two and strip three)

B. Wrap fabric strips on the Pompom Maker as per instructions on the package. Mixing colors and values helps to give depth to the coloration of each Hydrangea Pompom. * If you are using a second color as an accent, just give it a few wraps around in-between layers.

C. Before using florist wire to tie the center, I used yarn to get a nice tight and secure knot. Then I wrapped florist wire over it and twisted tight.

D. Here is where I varied from the instructions a bit. First I pushed the end of a thin dowel (but not too thin, these flowers are heavy and will bend/break a too-thin stem) into the center of the flower and wrapped the wire around the stick, one strand going clock-wise and one strand going counter-clockwise. as shown below.

E. Then I wrapped the stem with florist tape all the way down.

You can trim with pinking shears as suggested, but I didn’;t…; preferring the choppy look of the straight edges.

Use florist foam to secure stems in vase and you are done! Now I really want some in yellow for the kitchen!

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