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2019-09-12 05:55:25 customized gift for Graduation

I’;m a big fan of a great tote or shoulder bag. I have a couple favorites, but mostly for size and functionality, not design. With the Summer months fast approaching, my need for a cute bag seems to go up. I thought it was time that I had a shoulder bag that not only serves a purpose, but also reflects my personality. I had a lot of fun stamping and coloring this Canvas Shoulder Bag! This Medium Canvas Shoulder Bag has a long strap, so I can wear it across my body, which is a great feature. I’;m ready to carry a pineapplepillow cases vintage, or three, to a weekend get-together.


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Step 1: First, apply ColorBox Crafter’;s Ink (or other black fabric ink) to pineapple stamps. Then, press the stamps onto the canvas shoulder bag. Repeat until both sides of the shoulder bag are covered. Note: Insert a piece of cardboard, or other firm surface, into the shoulder bag. I used a small wood cutting board. This helps with stamping and also acts as a barrier when applying color.

Step 2: Next, use a heat tool to dry the ink.

Step 3: Prepare the canvas for color. Use a paintbrush to apply water to each pineapple. Note: Be sure to stay inside the stamped image for this step. Wet canvas absorbs color much better than dry canvas.

Step 4: Finally, color each pineapple with Tattered Angels mist. Let dry. Note: Tattered Angels mists blend beautifully with a little bit of water. Have fun with the color palette. Don’;t worry too much about staying inside the lines. A bit of over-coloring adds to the whimsical feel of the design.

I’;ve prepared a short video of this process.

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Because admit it: You're curious, aren't you?

Designer Christopher Duffy, aka Duffy London, has made a name for himself by producing furniture that’s as whimsical as it is functional. Some of his greatest hits include a swing table with eight hanging chairs and coffee table that appears to be floating atop balloons. More recently, he’s created the Abyss series. It started with a table, which layered wood and glass to mimic dramatic ocean depths. He’s continued his alluring Abyss by taking the design from the floor to the wall. Now as a wall relief sculpture, the shimmering void gazes back at you from eye level.

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