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All you need to make this garland is some fabric, some Double Stick Fusible Web, and a template for your shape of choice.

1. Start by fusing your fabric. Just lay your fusible web between two pieces of fabric (with the fusible web on the wrong sides) and iron it in place.

pillow covers vintage

2. Trace your shape with an air-erasable marker. I used a cardboard elephant I bought at Michael’;spillow cases vintage, but you could use a stencil or any shape you like:

3. Cut your shape out:Repeat until you have as many shapes as you’;d like:

4. String them all together. I sewed them with my sewing machine, leaving a long thread at the beginning, and just stitching empty stitches in between the shapes, but you could use yarn or string and cut holes in the shapes to attach:

Done! Hang as party decoration:

Or in the nursery. I hung these above the closet door:

I really hope you all make some of these and email us pictures! Such a simple and fun way to spice up a bedroom or party.

Before I tell you all about how to paint a fireplace, let me tell you a little bit about me. First, I'm Heather and I blog over at The Heathered Nest.

Sports themes are probably the most used theme in man cave décors. With avid fans of football, golf, rugby etc. dedicating a room to enjoy the sport to the max it's a great way to bring character to a room. It's also a great way to store sports equipment by making them part of the accessories. As we've seen in throughout the week large screen televisions dominate man caves, allowing full coverage via satellite, Blue-ray etc. to be viewed any time of the day or night. The rest of the décor will also be in-tune with the chosen sports theme, including colour choices and furnishings. It's obvious that any sports team will have their own team colours and therefore it's these which will be used as the colour scheme. For non-team sports such as golf, you can choose for whatever colour scheme you wish. If the man cave is in a basement or garage light colours will help to make the room feel less claustrophobic.

It's still really rather cold out, so I thought I'd put something together to help warm you up a bit, in more ways than one!With St. Patrick's Day coming up next month, I've had my mind in the clouds -- on rainbows, that is! I. Love. Rainbows.? So I've put together this cozy and FUN rainbow scarf!? Follow along to see how to make one yourself.