pillow cases vintage How to use bold colour and materials in your bathroom like a designer sofa pillow covers

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Think outside the clean white box and try some contrast, bold colour and unexpected materials in your bathroom. Here’;s how to do it successfully.

While the focus of a bathroom has traditionally been more on function than form, we shouldn’t forget that it is actually one of the most frequently used spaces in the home. Yet, despite its importancepillow cases vintage, I’ve often noticed that homeowners – including even the most adventurous decorators – tend to play it safe when it comes to fitting and styling this area.

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For this room reveal I decided it was time to abandon the customary combo of white walls, monochromatic cabinetry and chrome tapware and inject character into the space through rich colours and unexpected textures and materials.

Turning the white-on-white palette on its head, I opted for a moody pairing of dark charcoal walls and matte black terrazzo floor tiles to create instant drama. This combination can make a really big impact, especially in a small bathroom.

From there, adding a pop of personality is as easy as choosing the right fittings and accessories. I created contrast with coloured cabinetry and statement tapware, then softened all those hard lines with the addition of warm, natural textures such as jute rugs, a linen laundry basket and some timber furniture.

Storage is key here, so be sure to create a home for all your bathroom essentials. This doesn’t necessarily mean everything must be hidden away – use baskets, trays and wall hooks to display some of your favourite lotions, candles and soaps.

Styling by: Alex Walls. Photography by: Sophia Bayly.

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