pillow cases vintage Just Bought Your First Apartment- 5 Tips You Must Follow pillow covers floral

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So you bought your first apartment. Congratulations! We are sure that you are thrilled to move in and now very excited to decorate it your own way with your personal touch, right?

But before you rush to a store to pick up fancy home décor items, pause. We know its tempting to start with the decorating process right away, but you need to follow the below mentioned steps carefully before

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Step 1: Find Your Ideal Look

Before buying any furniturepillow cases vintage, first asses the pieces you already own and then decide what you need to add. Check out catalogs, online stores to see the styles and colour you like best. For example, do you want to give your home a vintage look or a modern one? First decide and then purchase.

Step 2: The Colour Palette

Ask yourself, what colours do I want to live with? If you are not sure, go for neutral shades instead of picking loud and bold hues. You shouldn’t regret your decision later.

Step 3: Measure First

Before you buy furniture, measure your space prudently and carry the measurements with you during your trip to the furniture store. It will be heartbreaking if you have to return that lovely sofa set if it doesn’t fit in the living room, right? Measure first.

Step 4: Go Big First

To build the focal point of your room, buy the biggest furniture items first. And when you do make sure it collaborates with the colour palette of your house.

Step 5: Don’t Lose Patience

The only way you will find great deals and unique items is by being patient. The trick is to keep your eyes and ears open. Decorating your first apartment should be an enjoyable process and not rush job. Take your time and make sure you create a space which truly reflects ‘You’.

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