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Where is yourfavourite spot in the house? Everyonehas a favourite place to relax and recuperate (even our pets!), whether it’;s aroom, a piece of furniture or a hidden corner.

While any rug canmake a room that bit nicer with a fresh influx of colour, softness and warmth,a round rug can define an area, reserving it as a V.I.P. –; a Very ImportantPlace. The circular shape breaks up the lines of the room and any furniture tobring added style and statement to your favourite area.

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Despite the manydesign merits of a round rug, lots of us are put off by the logistics of theirshape. We’;re complete round rug converts, so we’;ve compiled a list of ourfavourite spots, made even better by round rugs.

Picture a messyhallway: coats tossed over bannisters and nearby furniturepillow cases vintage, over-stuffed coathooks on the wall, too full to function. Shoes scattered around the floorcausing a trip-hazard.

In this scenario around rug can be a real ally. Paired with a coat stand and a side table forkeys and essentials, you can inject some well-needed organisation into thissmall space. Guests and family members will be drawn to this central spot,taking the hint to deposit their shoes and coats in an orderly fashion, andhopefully freeing up your once-messy hallway for good.

Synthetic rugs witha short pile are perfect for this kind of high-traffic area as they’;re easy toclean and durable, but still add plenty of warmth and colour into your hallway.

Put your feet up,turn off the TV and let the world fade away while a good book takes you away.Finding the right time to get stuck into a novel is important (no interruptionsplease), but so is where you choose to read.

Comfort is key, andwarm, soft surroundings are essential to help your become immersed in thestory. For maximum cosiness we recommend a comfy armchair, a deep pile roundrug and maybe even a footstool. A soft deep-pile rug will feel sumptuous underyour feet while the round edges create a border of reservation that clearlydeclares this area is dedicated to maximum peace and quiet. When you’re notthere enjoying a peaceful hour or two, this same area will add an enviablefocal point.

No one needs to sitdown more than new parents, and a nursing chair is the perfect companion foryou and your baby, whether they’re feeding, burping, being rocked or sleeping.This tranquil spot is the ideal candidate for a round woollen rug, which will bewarming and sound insulating –; ideal for those middle of the night feeds. Around rug can mark the area as a peaceful haven for you and your baby, whilethe dense pile quiets the sounds of a rocking nursing chair and will help tokeep mums’; and dads’; feet warm while they keep baby snug in their arms.

A good cup of tea,some dunkable biscuits, good friends and a fluffy round rug is the perfectcombination for an afternoon of giggling and gossiping. A circular rug is idealfor bringing people together at a central point – the perfect socialising tool.To maximise gabbing you’ll just need to pair it with a coffee table and areally good brew. Although a round rug looks good with most styles offurniture, topping it with a round coffee table will add certain level ofcontinuity that really reinforces that central point to gather around.

Nothing is moreactive than a child’s mind, and you want them to be comfortable wherever theirimagination takes them. An easy to clean synthetic rug is an ideal companionfor your little one’;s playroom or bedroom, and by defining an area specificallyfor play, a round rug can help you teach them about keeping this spaceorganised and tidy. Synthetic yarns are ideal for creating bright colours, aswell as being robust enough for all the rough and tumble of playtime.

Big party? Importantmeeting? Supermarket trip? Sometimes there’s only one thing that needs to becentre of attention and that’s you. Paired with a full-length mirror and a sidetable, or placed under the chair of your dressing table, a plush round rug canbecome the perfect spotlight for all of your outfit trials (and a comfy placeto test out those new shoes). A round rug will create a focal point in yourroom, while you’;re the focal point in your mirror, and a confident contemporarydesign like a statement floral in bold colours should make you feel extrafabulous.

Try as we might toget up on the right side of the bed, our mornings aren’t always filled withbirdsong and soft sunlight peeking through the window. When it’s hard to pullyourself from your slumber, a gorgeously fluffy deep pile circle rug by theside of your bed can help ease you into the day. Pick a shaggy rug to sink yourfeet into, and make those first morning steps a bit more bearable.

You can take ouradvice or take the lead and experiment, just remember to always pair your rugwith an anti-slip mat to make sure they’;re extra safe to walk on, and don’;t gowalkabouts from the place you’;ve put them.

For more information about buying a rug including sizing, materials and how they’;re made, read our Rugs Buying Guide.

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