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2019-09-05 12:11:01 customized gift for Graduation

You might think as a decorator and blogger that decorating for the holidays is like my bread and butter. ?Although, I don’;t consider myself an over-decorator for the holidays, I do love to create a festive and fun atmosphere. ?But, this year was different…;harder…;to just get started…;

I have struggled lately. When that happens I turn inward and do a lot of thinking. Outside of thinking I do little else. I was horrible at getting back to my friends. My hubby was giving me lots of breaks…;time away to do more nothing. I cried randomly. I was in the deepest of funks.

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I am a mother of two young boys and trying to build my business. Everything I was going through is normalpillow cases vintage, but nonetheless painful to experience. ?And, I indulged in it…;the self-doubt and self-pity…; longer than I should have. ?As the holiday season approached, I wasn’;t sure I could muster the motivation to put up holiday decorations.

So, I did what I always do to get out of a funk. I start small. I start with something I am sure will work…;no room for failure.

This time the small thing was bells on a rope. These simple temple bells on my front door, that I found last year in Dallas. I looped a piece of ribbon through the rope and over the top of the door and tacked it in, just like Martha recommends.

No fail. Simple. Easy. Quick. Pretty. And, it made me smile!

That was the start. The start of me feeling better. The start of holiday decorating. All you need to do is make one small move. Everything else will start to fall in place.

Have you made any small moves lately?

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