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2019-09-15 14:55:39 customized gift for Graduation

How many people are at your table for the Thanksgiving feast…;…;4, 8, 12 or maybe 24? ?How fun to add your creative touch to the table. Crew Member Patty Senter has the prefect idea and you won’;t?believe what she starts with…;a paper towel or toilet paper empty roll! So collect enough to make one for each of your guests this year and follow the simple instructions Patty has below to wow your guests with your creative style. ?

This will be the first year in over two dozen years that I will be?preparing a Thanksgiving Dinner for my family. What fun to include on my dining tablepillow cases vintage, hand-made napkin rings decked out with festive Thanksgiving colors. I paired them with family china that had been my Aunts. This is a sure way to bring warm memories from the past, while creating new ones to hold dear, as we share our Holiday feast together.

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It’s that time of year again ' the Christmas decorations are out, the shops are packed with people desperately completing their quota of presents for the year, and the radio just won’t stop playing ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham! It’s truly magical.