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2019-09-15 22:40:00 customized gift for Graduation

Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins papers continue keeping us surprised in the ways they can be used on projects. Printed on a cloth like paper on both sides in a variety of themes, it is up your style which side of them you use on your mixed media project. Color them with your favorite Tattered Angels paint and have something unique made.

Crew member Kyriakos Pachadiroglou used the Hoot Mixed Media Origin paper to up-cycle a pursepillow cases vintage, giving it a second chance at a glamorous life.

personalized gifts for her ideas

“;The small purse was covered with a red vinyl that was damaged heavily on a side of it. The idea was to change the look of the purse and make it useable again. Mixed Media Origins paper was the perfect choice to adhere well on it, while providing a strong, long lasting surface with a stylish result.”; –; Kyriakos says.

Step 1- Remove the old cover from all sides. Make sure that surface is clear to allow glueing the paper.

Step 2 –; Cover the Mixed Media Origins paper with the Crushed Shells Glimmer Mist and add drops of red High Impact paint. Spread the paint.

Step 3 –; Repeat with the Clay mist. Use a wet baby wipe to distress the colors on the paper.

Step 4 –; Cover the whole paper with Rose Gold High Impact paint.

Step 5 –; Glue the paper on the purse’;s sides and cover any other parts with the rose gold High Impact paint. Add a chain and charms.

From papercraft to upcycling projects there is a Mixed Media Origins paper to work with and achieve a great result.Check our Mixed Media Origins paper collection in the shop and choose yours for you next project.

Find more of Kyriakos’;s work on his blog and Instagram.

Happy crafting!

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