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In this post we're going to look at bedrooms and how using a variety of different textiles and colours can alter the dynamics. When giving thought to using textiles personalise your bedroom, the concept of personal is probably more important than any other room in the house. Our bedroom is the place where we have to be absolutely happiest, most comfortable and at ease, feel safe and restful. All of our other rooms in our homes will have visitors of all sorts, but our bedrooms will have a select set of customers.

Sure, company will pop their head in and see how you have decorated the roompillow cases vintage, but it is those closest to use who will step inside with us. Because of this, it is incredibly important to pick textiles that give us all of the emotions and senses and feelings listed above. This room is your sanctuary, the place where all of the outside world is supposed to stop and leave you alone.

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Like every room really, this room needs to have textiles of colour which suit a particular mood. You must first determine what that mood is, keeping in mind this room has very different functions than other rooms. This is the room we come to sleep, escape it all, attempt to hibernate during the winter, curl up on a rainy day and it is most often where we are intimate.

If a warm and rich and comfortable feeling is desired, thick textiles of darker colours and earth tones might be a way for you to go. As much as we love a bright sun in the morning, waking up to it on those days when we are full of life, on the days we just want to bury our heads and sleep in a couple of extra hours, the sun is our worst enemy! Investing in ready made blackout curtains is never a bad option and these can always be pulled back if you want to embrace the morning sunshine!

If you have a bedroom with hardwood floors, a simple rug on the floor can really help offset this and provide a warmth and comfort as an alternative. The rug can be any material you like, perhaps thick and soft under the feet of any unique colour to compliment your décor. Rugs are where we can usually get away with some unique colour.

The rug will also function as a comfort zone for you – when you wake up, especially on those chilly mornings, it is a soft and warm spot for your feet. The colours of your duvet cover sets and the furniture will all contribute to the mood your are achieving in your bedroom. If you want a colourful and lively bedroom, bright solid colours with unique and bold patterns can certainly achieve this. This is your bedroom, your most personal room in the home. Pick the fabrics that are most suited to your personality.

Easter is just around the corner and we asked stylist designer, Janelle Gonyea to give us her take on spring table styling in all things Unison? her favorite florals. Here’s Janelle:

White is often referred to as a symbol of purity.Although many individuals run away from white bedding décor because they feelit gets stained easily and is difficult to maintain. Others feel it is too simpleand would not beautify their bedroom. It is our hope that by the time you havegone through all our handmade white bedding décor, you would have a change ofmind about white bedding décor.

Snuggling up toasty warm isn't solely a girl's phenomenon, boys get cold too and while they may shy away from wrapping a blanket around themselves in the presence of others, in their bedroom they also like to dive under the duvet as if they in Winter hibernation.