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“We really needed to communicate to people in a way that was personal to them.”

-Brett SwensenEmail Whisperer

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Our very own incredibly talented “Email Whisperer,” Brett Swensen, had the great opportunity to be on eCommerce: In the Trenches to discuss Purple’s success. Brett is one of our main players behind the scenes to make sure everyone hears about our commitment to comfort and happiness. Listen to the full podcast here:

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When it came down to it, Goldilocks and the three bears couldn’t get everything done to sell great bedspillow cases vintage, that’s where our amazing team came into play.

Brett earned himself the title of “Email Whisperer” through his dedication to analyzing data to learn more about our consumers. “I’m trying to understand our customer base on a more intimate level, so we can provide the type of communication and marketing that makes sense for you. In a nutshell that’s what I do and I love it,” said Brett.

We aren’t just some dry company trying to push product, our objective is to change the entire culture of buying a mattress. “When we were getting ready to launch Purple, we wanted to make the experience of buying a mattress fun again and something that people would enjoy,”; Brett said. “;But also part of our unique selling points here at Purple is our science and how our technology is different from others.”

“Part of what we focus on on a day-to-day basis is testing new channels, optimizing the current channels we’re on and really when we attract that new traffic, our job is to turn them into customers and to hopefully lifelong customers.”

If you ever want to meet someone who is innovative, intelligent, and good looking to boot, Brett Swensen is your guy (Sorry, but he’s taken #notsorry). So lucky to have him with us.

Hi, everyone! It’s Kate from the Centsational Girl blog, happy to be featuring a fun DIY project created with some of Annie’s fabulous fabrics! Covering plain boxes from a craft store is a project that results in stylish storage for your bookcases or home office. Here’s how to make them!

We are quite crazy about turtles (and tortoises) so this seashell turtle craft is something we trully are happy about sharing with you.

Welcome to another Tutorial Monday! Karla?Yungwirth?here today, and this week we are featuring fun and simple instructions to create some beautiful handmade ornaments for your tree – or as a gift for someone else! I?love the look of handmade ornaments, and I love giving them as gifts or tucking them into a stocking! The beautiful printed canvas sheet included in the Canvas Corp Jolly Christmas Mix & Match Pad was the perfect starting point to create these lovely ornaments, and you may just find them hanging on my own tree ??? I was inspired by this month’s Christmas Bulb Challenge and I’m sharing my process so you can create your own ornaments!